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Do Notice that If the key character dies in Atlantica, your staff is defeated, so putting on your own within the rear rank is a good suggestion. You can however try this which has a melee character, but who wants to Enjoy a swordsman from the third rank?

Warrior – Usually, assuming equivalent levels of equipment, whoever assaults very first will get. You should definitely make use of your DoTs early and stun/sluggish techniques, and hope.

I suppose it's about time for us to boost our bash, so any of you actively playing, truly feel free to choose up a new merc... Check out the Game Details - Mercenary tab for information on them... at the moment the most beneficial choices are definitely the Shamam (healer) and the monk (buffer).

Of notable fascination is L7 Existence lapis, that will include +2000 lifestyle and as a consequence is worthwhile having (when compared with L6 lifestyle which provides lower than fifty percent of that).

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You cna download the client as a 2 part immediate-download (so You may use programs like Flashget) or employing many down load mirrors, or a torrent file, and there is even get more info a Downloader delivered on the internet site itself that permits you to pause the down load.

For that reason, a whole lot of people will do the L45 quest a number of occasions on diverse characters to have several quest-reward elemental weapons; or should have two or even more elemental weapons to allow them to swap weapons when attacking enemies in the incorrect things.

we now Use a Sword and im over a quest that should give us a Viking, i system on promoting that merchandise given that the Viking isn't ver praised... shaman are healers and monks are buffers, so we have to Look at People auto. Also, a Shaman charges 10k to rent

For HM/UM fighters over about L37, you've got a further possibility. Since you have Numerous AoE attacks now, it’s doable that you should kill mobs either solo or that has a priest to heal you.

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· Fighters are shut variety only. A good archer or mage (or maybe an int-based mostly priest) can deal substantial amounts of harm to you before you decide to are even near plenty of to hit them.

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